Are those We Buy Houses Cincinnati companies legit?

Do you have a home in Cincinnati that you need to sell? As you are probably aware by now, selling a house is not the easiest thing to do, especially in Cincinnati. It is a time consuming process, often requiring investment upfront for the necessary repairs.


Today’s real estate market is the buyers market, meaning there is a big inventory of available homes and competition is high. Potential home buyers lean towards the houses that require minimal or no repairs. You, as a seller, want to make sure that your house leaves an excellent first impression in the minds of potential customers, and for that all repairs need to be done even prior to putting a house on the market. Besides repairs, your house, in order to sell, might also need interior staging and exterior – curb appeal improvement.


You can either choose to do selling on your own or hire an experienced real estate agent for listing, marketing, showings and negotiation. Both paths have their positive and negative sides. In case you are considering selling your Cincinnati house by yourself, please ask yourself a very important question : Do you really have enough time and energy to do all the work and try to sell your house yourself?


No matter what path you decide to take, with either one of those paths your Cincinnati house might still sit a couple of months on the market before getting sold. Now the main question to ask yourself really becomes: “How soon do I need to sell my house in Cincinnati?” How fast do you need the money?


And this is where companies like ours, who buy houses for cash can help you. If you have a house for sale in Cincinnati that you need to sell fast selling your house to local investors, aka we buy houses Cincinnati for cash, might be the right path for you.

Houses513 is a local Cincinnati homes cash buyer and our home buying process is very simple. First step would be either to call us at 567-203-5718 or click this link to get a fair cash offer on your Cincinnati home.


The best thing about Houses513 is that we buy good looking homes and we also buy ugly houses Cincinnati. In other words, we don’t require any repairs and will buy your house as-is. We will provide you with a fair cash offer for the house. There are no commissions or fees associated with the purchase. We don’t require house inspections or appraisal and closing happens fast, sometimes as fast as seven days.


Why should you sell your house to House 513?

We are trustworthy

We will always provide you with a professional, honest and transparent service from the beginning to the end of the sale process.

We have an experienced team

We are a local Cincinnati company, skilled and knowledgeable about the real estate market in Cincinnati. Therefore, we will be able to offer you the fair cash offer on your home.

We buy ugly houses Cincinnati fast

No matter in what condition your house is, we will take appropriate steps to purchase it within the shortest possible time. In other words, we don’t ask you to do any repairs or renovate the house before you sell it to us. You will be able to sell your house to us as-is.

We pay cash

No realtors and banks are involved in the process of selling your home. You don’t need to go through any appraisal process and there are no fees. We buy the house and pay you with cash. The deal is simple as that!