Do You Need to Sell Your Parents House in Cincinnati, OH? You are not alone!

Are your parents elderly, live in Cincinnati OH and can not take care of their property or even themselves any more? Do you need or wish to sell your parents house in Cincinnati, OH? Are you now the one in charge of making the decision on their care, their home and/or their finances? Caring for a loved one often means taking them to appointments, distributing medication, taking over household chores, coming up with an alternate or extra care, managing their finances… As much as this is hard for you, always remember it is even harder for them. All of the sudden they are in the world where control is taken out of their hands due to different reasons, maybe health, maybe financial, and they are trying to cope with it as best as they can.

In order to take care of different issues you’ll need the power of attorney that covers it and gives you proper authority to deal with them. You may be  looking at selling your parents house. If so,  you will need a power of attorney to be able to do so.  If you parents are mentally incapacitated the power of authority may need professional backing, meaning one, sometimes even two, doctors are  required to certify the incapacitation. Finding a lawyer to help you set the power attorney up in a right way can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Sell your Elderly Parents House


You met with a lawyer, got all paperwork in order and obtained the proper power of attorney that includes authority to sell your parents home in Cincinnati OH, now what? Please get ready for some challenges. Sometimes, problem arise just from the simple facts that your parents might not be able to comprehend why are you doing this. Often, they might still be living in their home and this topic needs to be breached very carefully. The best way to go about it is actually discuss all their future living arrangements  even before they are needed. By discussing topic of the house sale often and in a positive way will help them not feel being threatened or forced out of their house once the time comes for them to move. Also, think about taking them to visit and tour different facilities in the area.When selling your parents house you want it to be as least disruptive to them as possible.


Get a House Ready to Sell


Once a time comes for selling your parents house there will be more decisions to be made: what to do with furnishings, are there any heirlooms worth saving, what repairs need to be made, what sale process to go with… Bottom line, you will need to get a house ready to sell. How much work, time and money this will take will depend on the decluttering and repairs needed.
If you are not very handy and can not recognize some “hidden” problems… wiring out of the code, foundation problems… it is also a smart move to get the house inspected. That way you will know what exactly needs your attention so you don’t loose the sale.


Should You Sell Your Parents Home


There is an emotional partalso when selling your elderly parents house. After all, this is your parents home and might as well be the one that you grew up in. It is probably hard emotionally both for you and your parents to sell it and you may feel guilty about doing it. Don’t! As our parents age taking care of a home can become  a burden and often they are even ashamed to ask for help. Small repairs not taken care for on time can turn into much bigger and expensive problems. Fixed incomes, that many seniors are living on, might not be enough to cover those hefty repairs. Often, our parents can no longer  handle the financial obligations associated with home ownership. In these cases the answer to question of rightness of selling your parents home most likely is yes. Then there are some seniors whose health is failing and staying in their house is no longer a safe option. When selling your parents house please take all those factors in consideration.


Different Ways of Selling Your Parents House in Cincinnati, OH


For sale by owner method is probably the way to get the most amount of money from the house sale, but it is also the hardest. You will have to do everything by yourself: repairs, staging, marketing, negotiating and closing. Selling the house in Cincinnati, OH this way will require enormous amount of energy, money and time. If you already need to take care of your parents this will be a really hard thing to juggle on the top of everything else. Plus , a for sale by owner can be a  slow process and take lots of time, especially in the areas where real estate market is not hot Do you have time, can you afford to wait?  Most likely you’ll want a quick sale.


How About a Way to Sell My House Fast Cincinnati OH?


When selling your parents house you want to do it as fast as possible. If using realtor or going with a for sale by owner route, the chances of selling your house fast are slim. If you are the one who thinks I need to sell my parents’ house fast, you should consider selling it to cash buyer in the area. Cash buyers are trustworthy and experienced investors that are willing to buy your parents house for cash and close within a couple of days. They will do so in a fair manner and no inspection or repairs are needed to be done on your end.
These investors will give you the total amount of cash for the house that has been agreed upon. It means your parents will have the extra money to afford and pay to go into a retirement home of their choosing. With the extra cash from the sale you and they both will have much more options to work with.
Selling a house for cash also means less upset your parents. They don’t have to put up with strangers coming through their home to see it before making a decision on the offer, leave home for showings or wait long time for a house to sell.
There will be no expensive, noisy and dirty repairs. The sell house for cash buyers will buy the house as-is, no repairs required. And no inspection necessary either, it is also not required.
The sell house for cash is fast. Closing usually happens within seven to ten days from the start of the process. Your parents can get settled into their new living quarters and you can relax again, the hassle of selling your parents house will be finally over. The sale is simple and quick.
You will save money from not having to pay realtor fees. Plus, you won’t have the expenses that come with selling the house by owner. The legal fees will be minimal as it is a straightforward sale. If you have the task of selling your parents home then the sell a house fast for cash is the ideal option for you.


Need to Sell Your Parents House Fast?


At Houses513, we specialize in a quick cash sale so that you can close on the house fast and have time to take care of the things that really matter. Don’t stress out about selling your parents’ house in Cincinnati, OH. In the event you need to sell your parents house before death give us a call at 567-203-5718.


The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.